Always Clean


by Carol Samson

Directed by Lauren Michelle Long

Young Woman-Tara Rose Kelso

"My friend Olivia says that dust forces you to remain faithful to the curves and angles and edges."



Green Door Living Real Estate

Family Heirloom

by Melissa Lucero McCarl

       Directed by Melissa Lucero McCarl

Jasmine -Regina Steffen

 Reyna-Arlene Rapal    

"Two sisters return to the address of their childhood foster home in hopes of recovering a link to their ancestry in the Philippines."


 Tenn Street Coffee & Books

Lit Crit

by Nina Alice Miller

Directed by Kevin Durkin

Aaron-Eli Davidson

John-Jeff Jesmer

Clerk-Michael Gurshtein

"The Catcher in the Rye: It got you through teen angst - can it get you through parenthood?"

Small Batch Liquors

The Wine Snob

by Catherine Wiley

Directed by Madison Keubler

Man-Mark Collins   

Woman-Maggy Stacy

"A play with a snooty bouquet, an aroma of pretension, and a ridiculous finish—good to the last drop!"


Tea for Ewe


by Christie Brenner Winn

Directed by Wade P. Wood

Fran-Rekha Ohal  

T-Veronica Straight-Lingo

U-Seth Palmer Harris

          "What's in a name?  A tale of two letters."


the book bar

Not Just Anybody

by Leslie C. Lewis

Directed by Libby Arnold

          Gail- Christy Kruzick             

    Trey-Robert Scott

"Protective of her independence and autonomy, Gail finds her solitary excursion to the bookstore transformed by surprisingly welcome assistance. "


The Denver Cat Company

Star Crossed Lover

by Linda Berry

Directed by Ron Mediatore

Romeo-Stephen Kramer

Juliet-Carol Timblin

"Romeo and Juliet meet 38 years after Shakespeare told his version of their story. They didn't die."


Lapis Gallery


by Lisa Wagner Erickson

Directed by Maru Garcia

Sophie-Vicky Serdyuk

Melanie-Julie K. Wolf

Ronnie-James O'Hagen Murphy

" A frustrated teen gets a clear picture of her well-meaning but over-the-top parents"

second star to the right

Read to Me

by Rebecca Gorman O’Neill

 Directed Kathi Baerns

        Grace-Adrienne Martin Fullwood

Hannah-Nicole Campbell

"Do you remember how nice it was to have someone read to you?  Grace remembers...."


 Mammoth American Tattoo

 The Tatoo Whisperer

by Jennifer Faletto

Directed Jessica Austgen

Gina-Lauren Bahlman

June-Jenna Moll Reyes

Ned-John Hauser

"A midwestern couple seek to cement their relationship in a Denver tattoo parlor. "