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copyright © Jennifer Sturch

copyright © Jennifer Sturch

The Playground with works by Rebecca Gorman O'Neill, Leslie C. Lewis, Nina Alice Miller, Carrie Printz, and Nicolette Vajtay

November 7-22, 2014 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 7:30pm

Call for tickets 720-583-3975 or online Tickets

The Playground

Directed by Susan Lyles and Nicolette Vajtay

Starring Kathi Baerns, Devra Keyes, Stephen R. Kramer, Susan Lyles, Camden Lyles-Smith, Lauren Cora Marsh,Kevin Richard McGuire and Dylan Rush

November 6-22, 2014

The Work|Space, The Laundry on Lawrence


A day in the life of a playground: a rich tapestry of everyday heroes, thwarted dreamers, overzealous sports fans, undaunted angels, entangled lovers, and gregarious entrepreneurs. From dawn to dusk, people move through this familiar location and experience uncommon change that is funny, sad, and moving - if only one could sit still long enough to see it. Some of Denver’s premiere women playwrights, Rebecca Gorman O’Neill, Leslie C. Lewis, Nina Alice Miller, Carrie Printz, and Nicolette Vajtay have woven together five of those stories, taking place over a 24 hour period, with a park bench view just for you, in The Playground.


by Leslie C. Lewis

The Dark Star Patrol, a fictional group of Real Life Superheroes, has a code of honor when it comes to crime fighting and altruism.  Newcomer Zygote pushes that code to the limits, and in so doing, unravels and complicates relationships between friends and lovers at their traditional dawn meeting.

American Herring

by Nina Alice Miller

Irina and Valda -- rivals and strangers -- discover each other through their mutual quest for authentic herring, the little fish with the big connective power for certain cultures of the Old World. Meanwhile, Branko is cooking up the gooey goodness that could win him American hearts and dollars.


They Were Mine Before

by Rebecca Gorman O'Neill

The universe is not on Eric's side today.  When he chances upon an old friend in a playground, he finds himself tumbling down a rabbit hole.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

by Nicolette Vajtay

Thirty three year old Stephen is in a drama filled relationship with fifty year old Rachael.  One of them is lying.

Soccer Mamas

by Carrie Printz

Carlotta and Ivy watch a soccer game. Carlotta gets carried away.