The Reading Series

OCTOBER 26, 2016



6:30 PM


Violent and unpredictable, Ada is the child of your nightmares.  Would she turn out differently if her teenage parents could give her away to the “right” family?  Watch two possible futures unfold for Ada, and consider whether or not nurture can really overcome nature.

February 9, 2016

The Tightwad by Edith Weiss

at Syntax Physic Opera

This is an adaptation of Moliere’s satire The Miser that remains to true to Moliere's intentions while modernizing elements of his play. Harpagon, the tightwad of the title, is a wealthy and avaricious widower who wants to marry Marianne, a young woman he passed by on the street.  Unbeknownst to him, his son Cleante is in love with Marianne, and has been visiting her without divulging his name. Harpagon also wants to marry his daughter Elise off to an old and wealthy widower, Signor Anselm. But Elise is in love with Valere, a young man of noble birth who has gotten a job as a steward in Harpagon’s household to be near Elise. Hidden identities, banned love, and a stolen money box soon cause a conflagration of laugh out loud comedy. Will young love win out? Maybe. Will the love of family show Harpagon that money is not the most important thing?  No.  Moliere is not Oprah.

January 12, 2016

Tina and Prometheus by Karla Jennings

at Cafe Max

Tina and Prometheus meet cute – she’s the eagle who rips out his liver, he’s chained to a rock – but they really hit it off when they finally chat. Tina frees Prometheus and they hide out to avoid Zeus’s wrath. When a loquacious swan tells them the gods are disappearing, Prometheus, being a god, is disturbed, while Tina faces something equally unnerving; she’s turning human. When Athena warns that Ares is about to destroy the human race, the three join to save humankind, confronting the dilemma we all face: If we don’t answer to a higher power, how can we find joy and meaning in our lives? Also, what affordable commercial products can help you stop molting?