SEASON 1 - 2005


Appliance by lindsay Price

Directed by Susan Lyles

Starring Jillann Tafel, J. Heston Gray, and Kerri Beebe


Sometimes you have to run away to find yourself

An interfering mother, a best friend who's always ready with a snappy comeback, and a fear of all things technological. These are the challenges that Ruth deals with – or more specifically, doesn't deal with, and that's the problem. Add to that editors, deadlines, and an ex-husband, and you start to see why Ruth's life (and her apartment) are so cluttered.

Appliance will make you laugh and cry as the reality of Ruth's life unfolds in front of you.

And Toto too is proud to announce our inaugural show, the World Premiere of Appliance by Lindsay Price, to be performed at the newly updated Victorian Playhouse. The Victorian is an intimate 75-seat space in the basement of an old Victorian home with a rich history of theatrical productions.