SEASON 4 - 2009


Heads by EM Lewis

Directed by Susan Lyles

Starring Lorenzo Sariñana, Sam Gilstsrap, Paige Lynn Larson, and Wade P. Wood

September - October, 2009

Heads plays out the unrelenting topical story of a British Embassy worker, an American engineer, a network journalist and a freelance photographer who are held captive in Iraq; as death draws close, each hostage must decide what he’ll do to survive.

3 1/2  stars out of 4 for what the Denver Post calls "...gripping...and directed to brutal depth" Angela Clemmons

 “Heads shows us four people, each put in an unbearable situation, each reacting differently but appropriately for who they are. The four actors convincingly deliver the raw emotions of fear, anger, desperation, despair, and denial – but also something more – a deeper look at our own humanity." Craig Williamson, North Denver Tribune

“…I am still haunted by the images that played out on the intimate Denver Victorian stage…. Heads is not easy to watch. The material is difficult, terrifying, and often heart wrenching – and this is the point. If you are looking for an evening of theatre that will get you thinking, that will leave an indelible impression long after the show has ended, and that will move you to tears – then this is for you…. In a season filled with bright musicals and silly comedies – Heads is a welcome, intelligent, and moving drama that is a must see.” Deb Flomberg, Denver Examiner




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