Since 2005 And Toto too has been producing new works by women playwrights.


And Toto too believes in the power of the woman's voice.  Women's lives are rich with experience that goes beyond body image struggles, raising children and romantic relationships.  We raise strong boys and girls, fight for our countries, protect our cities, survive crises; we make difficult decisions, commit crimes, make mistakes and sometimes don’t realize the very things we strive to achieve. In other words, women's stories and voices are as just as complex and powerful as those of men, And Toto too Theatre Company has created a space where those stories can be told, heard and explored.

In 2015 we reached a milestone for And Toto too Theatre Company, marking one decade of being a vital community presence and resource.  Join us for our journey through our second decade as we continue to explore the woman's voice.


“nationally, only about 1 in 5 of the plays presented at regional stages are authored by women...”

— – Bob Mondello, All Things Considered, NPR, March 10 2005

What We've Achieved

  • 9 World Premieres

  • 6 Regional Premieres

  • The Play Crawl-over 80 World Premiere 2-3 minute plays written by some of Denver's top women playwrights.

  • 3 Workshop productions with the artist in residence

  • Showcased at the CBCA Business for the Arts Awards Luncheon 2019.

  • SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day Celebration March 2014 -celebration of women playwrights, actresses, directors, visual and performance artists

  • Put dozens of women directors, actors, designers and stage managers to work.

  • Winner of 4 Marlowe Awards: Best Director, Best Actress Comedy, Best New Play, Best Production of a Play-Comedy. Henry nomination Best New Play-”Lost Creatures” Winner Henry award Best Actress -The Pink Unicorn-Missy Moore